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  • Sam Decker

How to Put Customer Oxygen In Your Company – FREE Teleseminar (2/28/07)

On February 28th at 4:00PM CST, Linda Ford of Ford Business Consulting is interviewing me in a teleseminar titled "How to Use Customer Oxygen to Breathe New Life into Your Business!" This is a a topic I feel very passionate about, and have written about in my blog and DM News.

I’ll share principles and learnings from my experiences in four startups and 7 years at Dell leading change initiatives and customer-centricity strategy. Topics include:

  1. Why "customer feedback" isn’t enough

  2. How your culture will change if customer centricity is real

  3. What works (and what doesn’t) to get "customer oxygen" into your organization

  4. How to get everyone in your organization focused on the customers’ needs

  5. How to make your business more successful by putting your customers to work

  6. And learn about the Peacock and Woodpeck (verbs)

I believe customer-generated content can drive more than merchandising and marketing strategies. It can impact multiple layers in the culture and company strategy. I believe that only happens by operationalizing the customer voice in your employees day to day and showing operational results.


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