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  • Sam Decker

The Essence of Buzz Marketing…No (Perceived) Company Involvement

Here’s a great quote from a recent ClickZ Article by Tessa Wegert that I believe captures the essence of why and when Buzz, Viral, WOM marketing works. I’m not sure it could be written more succinctly:

Perhaps the reason why alternative marketing methods are increasingly common is they’re just what our cluttered and often predictable medium needs. Just as product placement is most effective when the product’s presence feels organic, the disassociation of a company with a great campaign is much more likely to pique consumer interest. Increasingly, orthodox concepts such as teaser campaigns demonstrate how putting a little distance between corporate message and campaign can produce results.

Customers can smell promotion a mile away. If you want to ponder some next level thinking…what’s next for marketing when customers can sniff out non-marketing as marketing?

Perhaps true authenticity and usefuleness — "utility marketing".


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