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Board of Director

"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal." Ron Burgundy


It all started at Apple. My first job in silicon valley. And as fate goes, our group immediately spun out into a startup and I was a VP at 23. From there I led marketing, product, and sales for several silicon valley startups, including a word of mouth marketing company, a community + content .com, and a web-based telecommunications company. Unfortunately, as it goes in the valley, they were all 10 years ahead of our time. But, lessons were learned.

In 1999 I was recruited to Austin to run Dell’s consumer web site. I leddaily operations, content, design, analytics, and P&L management. I also led us through three redesigns, developed Dell’s global online strategy, and with a mighty team we grew Dell's consumer online revenue to over $3.5 billion. Next, I launched Dell's Consumer CRM group where we developed new markets, the retail marketing strategy, database marketing programs, Hispanic marketing, three-year plan, customer-centricity strategy, and change leadership program. Phew!

In 2005 I went back to my startup roots and became founding CMO for Bazaarvoice Inc. We were recognized as "ClickZ Marketing Innovation of the Year" twice and Austin's "Best Place to Work" twice. For our first 5 years I led product development, marketing and business development. My team built out 7 products (and 7 patents), and before I left we had grown to 500 people and $50 million revenue, before it went public in 2012.

In 2010 I became founder and CEO of Mass Relevance. We were the SaaS leader in social TV and social content integration. We negotiated exclusive partnerships of Twitter and Facebook. Within 3 years Mass Relevance won a technical Emmy and grew to 150 people globally serving 300 clients prior to merging with Spredfast in April, 2014. (video) (now Khorus).

During this time, in 2012, I also co-founded and became active Chairman of Clearhead, the agency leading the market in data-driven experience optimization. The company grew to 100 people in 5 years and was acquired by Accenture in July, 2017.

I am currently co-founder and Chairman of Fair Worlds, an immersive reality agency/consultancy, co-owner of Texas Drift Academy, and on the boards of Interplay Learning and Axial Shift.

What else? I am one of three original co-founders of Capital Factory (2009). I am author of "301 Do-it-Yourself Marketing Ideas" and "How to Market With Computer User Groups". I was EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2015, and I make award-winning* chocolate chip cookies. I have spent years as an active investor / advisor to startups, and some have succeeded despite this. Oh, I have also been on the boards of Web Analytics Association, Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Texchange, Austin Film Society, Monetate, Needle, Clarify, Spredfast, and others. I am an excellent question-asker.

I continue my journey to be the best husband, father and friend I can be. Recently I find myself studying the brain, mindfulness, and the journeys of growth. I'm interested in meeting anyone focused and passionate about the same.

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