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Who am I? Why am I here?
-- James Stockdale

Investor & Board Member

Time and money are two sides of the same coin for me. I invest in companies and people where I can also add value to the outcome. I spend time when I can also learn something, where we can enjoy the journey, create something great, and make money! I will invest in tech, agencies and other service companies.

Performance Driving Offsite

You weren't expecting this! I combine my passion for driving (and co-ownership of Texas Drift Academy) with the opportunity to bring executive teams together in a high-adrenaline day on the track full of drifting, stunt driving and competition.

Strategic & Innovation Planning Facilitator

An impactful plan occurs when there is alignment to sequence and allocate resources using data-driven decision making. I help teams set goals, prioritize problems and put valid hypothesis to the test. Then put an execution plan together based on experience. This is the path I light. 

Product Go-To-Market

Half of my experience is go-to-market and the other half is product leadership. Having invented product and led hundreds of sales presentations, I believe my superpower is bridging between them. I help prioritize product decisions, leverage product marketing, and enable the sales team to sell at scale!

Executive Coaching

As an operator, I can't pontificate. I get my hands dirty with executives to help them succeed through the professional and personal trials of high growth. Hiring, marketing, product, sales, fundraising, board meetings... There are so many pitfalls that can be avoided and opportunities to uncover. I do this through weekly meetings, workshops and planning sessions that end with actionable focus. 

Immersive Reality Projects + Planning

Through my company, Fair Worlds, my team and I plan and build immersive reality projects that help sell and persuade. We also build an immersive reality plan so your investments pay off quickly, while your capabilities mature with the industry and technology.

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