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  • Sam Decker

The 3 Tributary Principles of Leadership

Take, for example, the recurring natural theme of tributaries and branching You see this in rivers, branches, our nervous system, our blood system, lung alveoli, and so forth.

What are the common characteristics of Tributaries?

TRIBUTARY PRINCIPLE: There is a solid foundation from which the depth, breadth and strength of the branches are determined.

LEADERSHIP PARALLEL: Culture is driven from the top. The stronger the winning culture, the bigger, larger, wider, and more prevelant the branches of growth.

TRIBUTARY PRINCIPLE: Branches follow a natural path, the path of least resistance or most opportunity for growth. Branches on trees grow up towards the sun. Rivers flow where there is gravity.

LEADERSHIP PARALLEL: First, people should do the jobs they were made for. Each person has unique gifts and core competencies. Their ‘branch’ will be largest if they go with this gravity. Second, business initiatives are most successful when the execute towards the sun…be it the customer or their core competency, or both.

TRIBUTARY PRINCIPLE: The branches strengthen the base. As branches grow, it allows the base to expand, roots to stretch, and become a stronger tree.

LEADERSHIP PARALLEL: Hire A players that will hire A+ players. Great employees make the managers better. A company is built as much bottom up as it is top town…actually, more so.


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