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  • Sam Decker

Career Tip #2: Build Soundbites for Your Brand

When word of mouth takes off on a product there is usually a small sentence, maybe a couple, that are shared about that product. “It was voted motor trend car of the year three times.” Or, “These are the shoes Jordan wears.”. Word of mouth is delivered in soundbites because they are easy. And people like easy.

For me, my soundbites may be I've written two books, or he ran, or he owns a stunt driving school, or he was co-founder of Capital Factory, or he's a serial entrepreneur, or whatever. For some my friends who graduated from Harvard, people may drop what we call the “H-bomb” in their soundbites – “Harvard MBA”. Perhaps you launched a big project, your Dad is someone famous, you have some special skill, or you did something amazing with your hobby time.

The best soundbites are a way of saying something about you and why you got there. Maybe in one phrase they sell that you are a hard worker, rock star, salt of the earth, team player, sharp, super smart, get it done person, etc.

What characteristics stand out for you? How are you differentiated? How are you remembered? What unique or remarkable accomplishment will people always talk about? Don’t have any? Then take on something challenging, take some risks, do something different – lest you blend in.

And even if you have something amazing, remember it won’t mask over your character, integrity and overall performance. I guess the old adage is true…hard work pays off — in the job you have now and the job you’ll get next because of your soundbites.


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