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  • Sam Decker

Tips for CTO / CMO Relationships

Forrester interviewed me years ago for a paper on working with IT in startups and Dell.

Bottom line: the most important aspect to good relationships is open and frequent communication.

Here was the sidebar on my answers to these questions:

How can CMOs and CIOs build a more effective partnership?

In my experience, there are four key principles for a culture of effectiveness:

  1. agreement and accountability,

  2. face-to-face work with no “over the fence” mentality;

  3. open communications and

  4. sharing of plans and results; and

  5. investment by the CIO, CMO, and their employees to build relationships.

What can marketers learn from their IT peers?

Marketers can learn that IT is interested in how its solutions impact the business and customer, and, by sharing this, IT is more invested in their work and have a better understanding of requirements. IT thinks in terms of architecture and how things are done. It needs to fully understand the spirit, intent, and detailed requirements of what needs to be done in order to avoid missteps. The more that marketing shares with IT, the better.


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