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  • Sam Decker

CEO Marketing Help: Rivers of Revenue

That’s the question posed and answered in Kristin Zhivago’s new book, River’s of Revenue.

If you’re like me, you have hundreds of marketing books in several bookcases. In one word, Rivers of Revenue is comprehensive. It goes deep and broad. It proposes strategies and tactics. It offers principles and practical real-word advice. The book covers selling processes and marketing vehicles, including on line strategy. And it starts with a memorable story of families on a river harvesting money. (Is your business like the stubborn family that wouldn’t leave the dried-up river? Or are you flexible and ready to move where the river flows?).

Kristin Zhivago’s approach to marketing is refreshingly buyer-centric. The second half of the book focuses on marketing from the perspective of the customer purchase process. She approaches product marketing from the unique perspective of buyer scrutiny-level.

Light Scrutiny

Buyer thinks about it for a few seconds and buys your product. Products such as candy, gum, key rings, etc. fall into this category. Cost one to tens of dollars. Customer questions: Do I want it? Can I afford it? Is there any reason I shouldn’t buy it? Spend time generating awareness and using point of purchase.

Medium Scrutiny

Buyer asks a few questions. Products such as clothing, hotel rooms, CDs, printers, etc.

Cost tens to hundreds of dollars. Spend most time generating awareness and answering questions.

Heavy Scrutiny

Buyer asks many questions, involves others, obtains bids, trials a product, and signs a contract. Examples: houses, boats, medical services, etc. Spread time between managing a sales and customer contact process, generating questions and answering questions.

Intense Scrutiny

Similar to heavy scrutiny, however have an ongoing relationship and larger dollar value. Usually B2B relationships. Split your time into smaller chunks between customer research, managing sales process, your web site and generating awareness.

Here are a few other concepts I highlighted:

  1. Find "Buyer Desire" and you find the river of revenue.

  2. How Marketing can get the `power baton’ — be the customer experts

  3. How fixing work process problems removes your company’s revenue barriers

  4. The way branding really works: Your behaviors determine the customer experience. Your customers’ experiences determines your brand.


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