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  • Sam Decker

Cliche Man

I was going through my corporate notebook today. It’s a hard-covered ledger where I take my notes from meeting to meeting. In the back I capture interesting nostalgia from corporate life — bingo words, quotes, experiences.

I had a guy work for me that was a Cliche Master. Here are JUST a few I captured. Don’t ask me what some of them mean!

  1. Shake the 8 ball

  2. Brass tax

  3. Feedback monkey

  4. Crux

  5. Hit the Nail on the head

  6. Whisper from the Lietenant

  7. Dominus Ominus

  8. Circle the Wagons

  9. Belly up to the bar

  10. Strafed into that

  11. Tree top discussion

  12. Could you be a gem…

  13. Fly caught in the soup

  14. Real storm brewing…clouds on the horizon

  15. Goat rodeo

  16. I’d rather lick chalk in the rain

  17. Rally the troops

  18. Blocking and tackling

There are some more in here from a few anonymous co-workers:

  1. We don’t want to waste emotion on that

  2. We have to table set the org announcement

  3. "Cauterize"

  4. Put some wood behind this arrow

  5. The hamster in the snake

  6. Bucketize the gluttony of resumes

  7. Landscape of unmanaged problems

  8. Don’t want Mike to spin his mental power

  9. Spastic recovery effort

  10. Can you walk in a windstorm

  11. Did you all decide on the trackey-poos

  12. When what’s his face was our manager

  13. Dripping in wittiness

  14. I’ve got to discuss an armpit topic

  15. You like your nuts, don’t you? [female co-worker, referring to peanuts on my desk]

  16. …are those the nuts you’ve had for the past year?

  17. Our rating system creates feelings that don’t add value

  18. He’s kind of like farting along

  19. Another really thing that’s important

  20. [consulting firm name here] wrote this…I’m not sure what it means. But should we ask for that?

  21. …I’m not sure they knew either.

I’m sure I’m working with some of the smartest people in corporate America…but sometimes we don’t sound like it, eh?

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