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  • Sam Decker

Customer-Centric Velcro

It’s hard to come by leaders who have a cognitive filter on everything they say and do which keeps the customer top-of-mind. I call this way of thinking “Customer-centric Velcro”.

Business leaders must have the ability to understand business and financial needs, formulate strategies to achieve results. Effectiveness at that is an achievement. However, before a customer-centric leader moves a hand or opens her mouth, their behavior passes rolls past a “customer-centric Velcro” in their head. Some assortment of synapses — like the hooks in velcro — grab non-customer-centric ideas from the brain and prevent them from being spoken or acted upon.

On the inside of a company, it’s easy to think of ideas and behave in a way that is right for the business, wrong for the customer. Those with “Customer Centric Velcro” are able to keep the non-customer-friendly behaviors from getting executed.

I don’t see many people who have this gift. And I don’t know if it’s natural competency, a developed skill. My friend Bryan Eisenberg suggests customer-centricity may be typically found the Meiers Briggs personality type of NT (Intuitive Thinkers) or NF (Intuitive Feelers).

I am convinced, however, that companies who fill their cubes with people like this will drive bottom line results in a customer-centric way.

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