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  • Sam Decker

Impact of First Tone

The most important parts of what you write or say is usually at the beginning and end. At the end, it’s the last thing the audiences/customer leaves with. But at the beginning, you set the first impression and the ‘tone’ of your message. You capture their attention.

So I got this Tivo email newsletter today, and it started with a very interesting beginning, which got my attention:

“I L-O-V-E my job…”

This email newsletter from the subject line (“News Your can Use from TiVO, Volume 51”), looked pretty sublime. As expected, the newsletter was mostly promotions.

But I was taken back with the first tone it set. Very personal. There actually was a person who wrote this. While they were talking about themselves (I instead of You), they started off with a personal, passionate revelation.

It reminded me of that first and last communication rule. And the importance of the first tone in communications – written or speaking. Some will argue one is more important than the other. Instead of arguing, make them both good!

Keep your eye out…I may try a sneak ‘first tone’ trick in one of my posts 🙂


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