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  • Sam Decker

My 1997 Home Page & Resume…still alive!

Maybe with the new baby I’m in a nostalgic mood to share this with you…

I was going through some old files on my computer tonight and found a local version of my personal home page I built in 1995 and abandoned in 1997.

My home page simply featured my online resume and list of links live, but it’s an interesting trip back in history, with an animated gif and .gif photo of myself (everything was .gif back then!). You can see some early Internet links, many of which are not live anymore. I don’t call out some of those college accomplishments on my resume any more, but you can see my entrepreneurial roots!

Also, as an aside, you can see my first corporate web site I built (with the technical skills of Raines Cohen). Here you can see the 1996 version of the User Group Connection web site.

And if you want to see what I looked like with hair in 1995, here you go:


And after…

If anyone tries to sell you something with these before and after pictures, don’t buy it (as if I have to tell you)!


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