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  • Sam Decker

Reveal What’s Included

Bryan Eisenberg turned me on to Johari’s window, which essentially divides up communications between you and me (or marketer and customer) into four quadrants:

The biggest hole is typically Quadrant 3 – I know something about me that you don’t know. Sometimes in marketing, you simply have to get across key facts that the customer doesn’t know about you.

A clever gambit to communicate features of your product or service is to position them as “included”.

Customers are looking for a deal. How do you sweeten the deal without adding additional costs? By communicating certain features that were included as, well, “Included”. Simply reveal at time of purchase what the customer may not have known they were getting.

I noticed this tactic in two magazine renewal notices.

Notice how Forbes and Business 2.0 enforce certain features and issues “included” with their renewal offer. I’m guessing these are included in any subscription. But by adding them to the renewal notice, they’ve revealed features I did not know. And made it look like ‘extras’, creating a perception that I was getting a deal. So, I renewed 🙂


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