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  • Sam Decker

Squeeze Carnival

This weekend I made up a phrase to warn my kids that they’re about to be tickled – The “Squeeze Carnival”

What the…what are you talking about Sam? Ok, stick with me.

Why don’t I just say, “I’m gonna tickle you!” Because that’s simple, unmemorable, and not ‘ours’. Squeeze Carnival is dynamic, active, and scary…yet fun. The phrase paints a fun picture in their mind! They love it, and maybe I created a new tradition phrase. [hopefully this doesn’t make them afraid of amusement parks. I’m ok if they’re afraid of carnivals…I am too.]

Why am I deconstructing this stupid fun phrase? Because I’m twised and think too much? Maybe, but also because it parallels a powerful marketing principle…

Whatever you do, make it different. Make it emotional. Make it worth repeating. Use words and actions that paint a picture in the mind of the customer so vivid that it becomes locked into memory.

Let your competitors give prospects a tickle. You give them a Squeeze Carnival!


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