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  • Sam Decker

The Merits of Cheap Ass Marketing

My esteemed colleagues at Bazaarvoice found a fun little site that allows you to make up your own Google search interpretation. It’s called GooogIe search, and here’s what they came up with as a search phrase for me and their "corrected" interpretation of that search:

Isn’t that nice? 🙂

Actually, internally I am known as the world’s cheapest marketer, and I don’t reject that title. Read my "Marketing Bullseye" series on the right — the whole idea of bullseye markeitng is how to spend the least amount of money for the highest impact combining creativity with measurement rigor.

Typically marketing as a practice is thought of with big budgets towards advertising, direct mail, TV, etc. When I think of great marketing I first think of great products, great service, positive culture, good press, and amplifying the resulting word of mouth. If you have all that, then you can think about downstream marketing because it will be 4X more effective!

To date, Bazaarvoice has done no advertising, except for tradeshow exhibiting and sponsorships (and we didn’t start exhibiting until word of mouth and press required us to have a place people can find us). I’m usually the first to cut my marketing budget (but I’ve got to stop that at some point!). Alternatively, I’ll invest in consultants and contractors to help make our products better.

Being a markeitng cheap ass (in the most positive sense) is good if it forces you to make your company and products better because you can’t spend money downstream on bad products. It’s also an important perspective to scale operating expenditures.

The alternative is spending money to sell bad products in a short term that drive increasing bad word of mouth — resulting in future lower sales and increased spending on less effective marketing. That sounds backwards to me.

Until now there have been no real google search results for "sam decker cheap ass" but if I put sam decker cheap ass in this blog post that one last time, maybe this will come up as a result 🙂


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