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  • Sam Decker

The Names of Web 2.0

I was reading through Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch, which chronicles the companies of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0….this was another topic with Gary Stein tonight. My contention…Web 2.0 is named because we are at a crossroads of relative economic prosperity and convergence of several technologies that have similar characteristics (connecting, sharing, distributing). I’d bet my Typepad fees that if we were in a downturn, "Web 2.0" would not exist, even if the technology was still here.

My other contention is that naming this period is moot. In fact, I’d rather not have it named, because it infers hype. I’d rather this be a fantastic period of businesses productivity, meeting customer needs, providing high value, with applicable technology. Let’s call this Back to Basics 2.0 (or 1.3) with an advantage of less expensive and more open technology. Our collective needs and solutions happens to parallel our current community-like societal movement.

Nonetheless, if it helps promote our business, then Bazaarvoice is Web 2.0 🙂

Here’s an exercise..I’m going to merge several Web 2.0 names with Fortune 50 names. What stands out to you? Post a comment.

AT&T Amerisource Apple Bank of America Bazaarvoice BlockRocker Boeing BzzAgent Chevron Citigroup Dell Dogster Exxon FedEx Fleck Fock Ford IBM Kaboodle Netscape Nuvvo Pandora Pluck Podzinger Rojo SBC Sears Swicki Tailrank Target Technorati Teleflip Truveo Verizon Wal-Mart YubNub Zazzle


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