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  • Sam Decker

This is a Paid Review

Notice: This is an ad. I am getting paid to write a review of ReviewMe, a new service that pays bloggers to write reviews. Although I am getting paid, I’m not writing this for the money. I want to know what it feels like to share my opinion and be compensated. I want to know how you feel about it (write comments). Though I’m writing this in full disclosure, I wonder if this review loses the essence of a review?

As for ReviewMe and the service, I’m impressed with the way it works, and how easy it is to sign up and understand the logistics. The interface is well thought out. They will pay me $50 for this review, which I believe is determined by the influence and visibility of my blog. They pay via paypal or check. However they ask for social security number, I suppose for tax purposes….but I don’t feel very comfortable giving any service this information.

Looking at their site and the blogs who have sign up, it appears the technology blogs are the most prevelant, and for good reason. I’m sure technology companies may be the first to use this service. However, I also imagine people are going to start setting up crappy blogs to leverage this service (and many like it).

I fear for the corporations who use this method. Companies and products with disclosures on their word of mouth may find this kind of word of mouth working against them. After all, they had to pay for it. How does that look to its prospect. However, maybe this is an expensive way to get links and SEO impact?? 🙂

I am also concerned with what this will mean for the long term perceived credibility of blog posts. Even with full disclosure, more blog readers will be looking for the fine print, like the special advertising disclosure in a magazine. The essence of word of mouth is it’s authenticity and credibility.

I think there is a way to incent customers to write reviews, but in a way that is fun and game-like, not in a way they can make a part time job of this. Using sweepstakes and points is different than getting paid $50 to write a review. Granted, ReviewMe suggests you can write a positive or negative review…but I wonder if there’s some sense of obligation by most participants to write a positive review when they’re getting directly paid??

So, as for this questionably credible recommendation, I’d say ReviewMe is a well built application for this sort of thing. As a marketer, I hope you carefully consider your options.

Now, let’s see if I get paid.


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