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  • Sam Decker

Three Rivers of Revenue

There are only three sources of revenue that flow into an organization:

1. Get more customers 2. Get more from each customer 3. Get customers to frequent more often.

Pretty basic, right?

So then, when you formulate your goals and strategies, do you do the following?

a. Estimate the headroom/opportunity for each of the above strategies at that point in your company lifecycle (i.e. a new company needs #1 before #2 can be impactful). b. Set goals for each. Set stretch goals for each. c. Formulate strategies for each and prioritize those based on effort and impact d. Allocate resources accordingly (headcount, time, money) e. Track progress against the goals

Pretty basic, right?

I’ve found executing the basics drives 80-90% of the impact in an organization. Unfortunately, it’s also the basics that get forgotten in 80-90% of the organizations.


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