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  • Sam Decker

Three Tips For Adding New Marketing Tactics

You have to choose when to optimize your existing processes and when to add NEW processes. In general, I’m a fan of turning up gold under your own rocks…there’s a lot of optimization room in the fundamentals.

However, when I think of launching new processes (tactics), I keep these principles in mind:

1) Find Synergy

It’s best to add a marketing process that compliments another process. This might seem like optimization, but the tactic can stand on its own. It’s just more powerful when associated with something else. For example, when you add direct mail to an outbound sales campaign. Or create landing pages for search engine optimization, which can also be used for advertising campaigns.

2) Look for Parallels

Most marketing, especially from B2B businesses, is me-too marketing. One company looks a lot like another, especially web sites. To make a new marketing process worthwhile, find outside inspiration. Find a business or industry with a similar marketing problem to yours. This is not marketing related, but think of how Henry Ford revolutionized automobile factory with division of labor, inspired by the division of labor in a meat cutting plant.

3) Test the unique and unproven

When I did A/B split tests, we made a point to test the outrageous, the outer boundaries, things that would make a big difference. If you’re going to add a new process, try something that takes you to the ‘next level’. My team once launched a Fall email campaign where the subject line said "Spring Savings", which was a mistake. It performed better than any other campaign. That’s what we called a marketing ‘discovery’ 🙂


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